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Panthers Online Faculty Greetings 

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Panthers Online Learning Plan

Princeton Day School's online learning plan, which went into effect on Monday, March 30, will continue online until April 17 or further notice.

During this exceptional time, we are wholly focused on implementing the most effective and appropriate distance learning experience possible for your children. A key goal, as always, is that the program reflects the distinguishing aspect of our PDS experience: our extraordinarily expansive and challenging academic program coupled with our deeply supportive and nurturing student-faculty relationships.

We are also keenly aware that this is an uncharted time for your family. Balancing the new academic and work demands on children and parents within the home requires an educational program that is both flexible to complete and easy to access.

Flexible and Supportive
To maintain the quality of our program within your home, Panthers Online utilizes asynchronous classes (learning is delivered as online instruction and assignments, and classes are not occurring with the class members at the same time). The program will also be enhanced, where possible, by synchronous moments of community connection.

  • Asynchronous learning allows each student to access and complete their work on a schedule that best suits your family’s needs.
  • Daily check-ins and faculty office hours will ensure that your children are supported in their learning.
  • The synchronous moments of community will provide real-time connections with peers and faculty, connections that are more important than ever.

To deliver this program, we will utilize our current technological tools whenever possible. This approach will allow students to focus solely on their classes, and not worry about navigating unfamiliar apps and programs.

Engaging and Appropriate
Through Panthers Online, we are prepared to deliver engaging and appropriate curricular content in ways that are accessible to all students. While we will miss our time with your children in our normal classrooms, our common work continues.

Families please make sure to:

  • Continue to plan for and adjust to the impact of online learning on your family and daily home life (e.g. child care, supporting student online learning, etc.). Reach out to your division heads with your concerns.

  • Let us know if you do not have adequate technology or internet service in your home. Parents should contact their child’s division head, and employees should contact their supervisor or the technology staff, so that we may make any necessary arrangements.

  • Please review the Acceptable Use policy and technology guidelines in your PDS Handbook.

  • Check the status page for updates regarding the status of Schoology, Seesaw and other school technology platforms.

  • Contact if you have technology access issues not related to issues that providers such as Schoology and Seesaw are experiencing.

Please see the frameworks, guidelines and sample schedule information specific to the Lower, Middle and Upper Schools, provided through the links below.

What Students Will Need

GRADES PK-4: iPad with specified apps, iPad charger, internet access, and basic classroom supplies (eg. pencil, paper, scissors, colored pencils/markers/crayons, etc), adult support

GRADES 5-8: books, binders/notebooks, school-issued iPad, internet access, parent support

GRADES 9-12: books, binders/notebooks, student's iPad/laptop and charger, internet access

(NOTE: A smartphone will not be a sufficient learning device.)

Additional information relevant to all Divisions:


  • P.E. staff will be available to consult with any challenging situation that families may have.
  • Information and lessons will be communicated through Schoology or other available methods as appropriate for each grade level.
  • Where appropriate, online instructional videos along with student activity journals will be utilized as effective tools.
  • Students will be guided to maintain healthy activity levels, and develop the skills for their specific classes and units where possible.

Athletics and Spring Sports

  • Athletics practices and games will be suspended for the duration of the time that school is out of session.
  • Coaches will communicate with their teams on a weekly basis via email to maintain team connection and offer individual training programs and support.
  • Coaches will be available to answer questions and offer suggestions for individual training
  • Email or call the Athletics Office staff with general athletic department questions. The Athletics Office will be checking and responding to emails and phone calls.
  • Expect updates as feasible when there is more clarity about the possibility of resuming school and regional athletics games and tournaments.

Health Office

Though our health office is closed, our nurses will be available via email for non-urgent health questions regarding your child. Please email them and a health office staff member will be happy to respond during regular school hours. For health concerns requiring immediate attention, please follow protocols for contacting emergency responders and your health care provider.

Lower School

Middle School

Upper School

We're Here for You

School counselors and support staff for each division are available to support students and parents via email or phone. Phone messages left on PDS office phone numbers (using the main number, 609-924-6700, plus the individual’s four-digit extension) go directly to each person’s email.

Faculty and staff will be available via email; contact information can be found in the Faculty and Staff Directory. Division Heads are here for you and appreciate your feedback.


To repeat, please check the status page for updates regarding the status of Schoology, Seesaw and other school technology platforms. Contact if you have technology access issues not related to issues that providers such as Schoology and Seesaw are experiencing.

Lower School

Dr. Sandra Wang, Head of Lower School,

Aimee Nyce, Assistant to Lower School,

Casey Upson, Learning Resource Center Coordinator,

Dr. Samantha Dawson, Director of Counseling & Learning Specialist,

Carol Olsen, Lower School Technology Coordinator,

Middle School

Renée C. Price, Head of Middle School; Assistant Head of School for Academic Life,

Barbara Brent, Assistant to Head of Middle School,

Dr. Cloey Talotta, Middle School Learning Specialist,

Danielle Santoro, Interim Counselor,

Dr. Samantha Dawson, Director of Counseling & Learning Specialist,

James Atkeson, Middle School Technology Coordinator,

Upper School

Trixie Sabundayo, Head of Upper School,

Stephanie Balaszi, Assistant to Upper School,

Dr. Elizabeth Monroe, Dean of Students,

Dr. Samantha Dawson, Director of Counseling & Learning Specialist, 

Alex Portale, Upper School Counselor,

Lauren Ledley, Upper School Technology Coordinator,