Science Research Experience Program

PDS REx is Princeton Day School’s signature science research experience program for Upper School students. In the 11th grade, students have the opportunity to take a science course where they explore the nature and processes of scientific discovery through guided inquiry, dynamic lessons, and rich discussions. Through independent study, students dive deeper and choose a field that resonates with them. Guided by faculty, students then apply for summer internships at leading professional and academic laboratories across the country. After the internship, students have the opportunity to present the research to the PDS community the following fall.

In the PDS REx program, students learn how to annotate dense scientific papers and present an article to the class, articulating complex scientific phenomena to their peers.

They also explore scientific literature and write comprehensive reviews to better understand the network of scientific articles, and fully immerse themselves in their chosen field. Students design their own experiments (hypothesis construction, experimental design and execution, data analysis, conclusion, and reporting) in order to gain a better understanding of their topic. This program also offers hands-on practice in using equipment, experimental protocols, and computer programs to prepare the students for their summer lab experience.

All of these experiences serve to give students a window into the world of scientific research and perhaps develop their passion for a future career in this field.

The REx Program was spearheaded by US science faculty Dr. Carrie Norin, pictured here with Head of School Paul Stellato (left), and US Science faculty Leon Rosenberg and Science Department Chair Jason Park (at right).

PDS REx students have been accepted into the following internships:

Internship with Dr. Joel Kingsolver
Plant-insect interactions; phenotypic plasticity
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Department of Biology

Internship with Dr. Steven Malcolmson
Discovery of catalysts for biological molecules
Duke University
Department of Chemistry

Internship with Dr. Daphne Munroe
Climate change pressure on marine ecosystems
Rutgers University
Department of Marine & Coastal Sciences
Haskin Shellfish Research Laboratory

Internship with Dr. Anna Nolan
Lung function in 9/11 first-responders
New York University
Department of Environmental Medicine
NYU - Langone Health

Internship with Dr. William DeGrado
Protein design and antibiotic resistance
University of California - San Francisco
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Internship with Dr. Christine Denny
Memory and learning in mice; Alzheimer's disease
Columbia University
Department of Psychiatry

Internship with Dr. Robert Anders
Liver cancer & cell death, cancer immunotherapy
Johns Hopkins University
Department of Pathology
Bloomberg-Kimmel Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy