Lower School

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A World of Ideas

Third Grade scientists are building sailboat models to race along an indoor water course. Kindergartners are sustainably caring for the environment in the PDS Garden. First graders are exploring the French language. And in Fourth Grade, students are researching the life and works of a noted author they will meet through our visiting artists program, Imagine the Possibilities.

Wherever you turn in the Lower School, a world of ideas is coming alive. The Lower School at PDS is a supportive and stimulating learning environment where curiosity is rewarded and intellectual risk-taking is encouraged through:

  • Superb teachers focus on each child while facilitating healthy relationships and community building in small classroom settings.
  • A rich, hands-on core curriculum that encompasses science, math, language arts, Spanish and French languages, music, theater, visual arts and physical education.
  • Continual focus on whole-child development, standards-based progress assessments and healthy faculty-family partnerships.

Where We Begin at Princeton Day School

This short video of the first day of the 2019-2020 Kindergarten school year conveys more effectively than any words the joy and care with which we nurture each child's journey at the Lower School.


Lower schoolers study communities, starting with their families and branching out around the world. They become active members of a community of learners.