College Counseling

College Fait at PDSWhile the College Counseling Office begins its official work with students during the fall of their junior year, we recognize that questions, rumors, and misconceptions can surround this process long before then.

Thus, the College Counseling Office at PDS provides many resources to students and parents throughout their four years in our Upper School. We officially assign students to a counselor during the fall of their junior year; however, students and families can meet with a member of our College Counseling team to discuss questions and concerns anytime. Our hope is that this information will help lessen early anxiety and familiarize families with the basics of both how to prepare for the college search and application process on the horizon.

Our college counselors all have a background in highly selective admissions and spend many weeks traveling to conferences and college campuses each year and maintain their membership in several professional organizations. In addition, they stay on top of the most recent college admissions trends and forge strong connections with admissions representatives and other college counselors throughout the country.

The process of researching, applying to, and being accepted by colleges can be an exciting time for students and their families. The following dropdown menu can be helpful as you have questions regarding our process and policies.