Our Green History

In 2006 we held our first large school brainstorming sessions on sustainability, deciding at those meetings to make greening the school one of our major initiatives. It was clear to us that a 21st century education was not complete without teaching ecoliteracy and having our institutional behavior and campus model sustainable decision-making.

Our Philosophy

Princeton Day School’s mission is to prepare students “to act knowledgeably, to lead thoughtfully, to share generously, and to contribute meaningfully.”

To fulfill this mission we must graduate students who understand the ecological consequences of their actions, who have a sense of long-term decision-making and its effect on ecological health.

Princeton Day School believes that students are our largest carbon footprint, that their personal and professional decisions now and in the future will help determine the fate of the planet.

Our Goal

Our goal is to nurture a culture of environmental stewardship by working simultaneously in the areas of facilities, behavior, and curriculum. We want our graduates to understand that how they use resources affects the ability of future generations to also use those resources.


Princeton Day School Hosts Student Climate Change Conference, 5/12

By high school students, for high school students is the motto of the two Upper School groups--the Energy and Climate Scholars and the EnAct (Environmental Action) Club--who have organized the second annual Student Climate Change Conference, which will take place on campus May 12 from 12:00 to 5:30 p.m. Free and open to all high school students and faculty, the event will feature student presentations on all aspects of climate change (policy, water, food, agriculture, technology), a nonprofit fair, a range of outdoor activities, and a keynote address by Maya K. van Rossum, the Delaware Riverkeeper and noted environmental activist.

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Princeton Day School Honored with Eco-Schools Green Flag Award

This fall, Princeton Day School was presented with the Green Flag Award, the highest honor of Eco-Schools, an international program that engages schools in an effort to improve student environmental literacy and skills. The School won this highly coveted award because we demonstrated the many sustainability initiatives that permeate every level of learning, including students tending to the organic garden, composting, and hosting the annual Harvest Dinner. In addition, Princeton Day School buildings are equipped with CO2 sensors, high efficiency boilers, variable speed drives in the HVAC, occupancy sensors, passive solar sensors, and LED lightbulbs—all reducing the facility's impact on the environment.

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The 8th Grade Trip: Echo Hill

Head of Middle School Renée Price, Director of Wellness Dr. Candy Shah, and many of our Middle School faculty members are currently in Worton, Maryland at Echo Hill Outdoor School with the entire 8th grade class for the annual 3-day class trip. This trip is a highly anticipated event that is not only a fun adventure for our students, but also has many goals, including supporting and enriching the 8th grade advisory program; enhancing class bonding; and developing teamwork and community.

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2017 Eco-Schools Green Flag Award

2016 Gold-Level River-Friendly School Certification from Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association

2015 U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon School

2015 New Jersey Green Ribbon School

Green Restaurant Association - 3-Star Designation

Garden of the Year from NJ Farm to School Network 2015

2011 Bronze Level River-Friendly School Certification from Stony Brook Millstone Watershed Association

2009 Kiwi Magazine Grand Prize “Crusaders Award for Excellence in School Meals”

2009 Green Cup Challenge national winner (for energy reduction)

Garden and Garden Classroom Sign