Practice and Transforming Culture

Practice is both a noun and a verb in this process of learning. In this stage of our learning, we are thinking/reflecting not only about our educational practices, but also embodying a deliberate practice and receiving feedback. We understand that it is only through practice and the setting of goals that we can begin to shift a culture and evolve in our own teaching and learning. We aspire to be a learning organization acting as agents of cultural change, not complicit bystanders to tradition. We cannot do the Work for the students if we do not do the Work on ourselves.

Through the leadership of Mr. Stellato, Mr. McKinley, the Leadership Team, the consultancy of Olive Branch, continued conversations with our Black community and all community members who have experienced marginalization, collaboration with CMDT and work with the Chairs, we are engaging in practice that asks us to reassess our mission and our community learning goals and to measure our progress in dismantling systems of oppression as outlined in Mr. Stellato’s plans.

Ongoing work of learning takes time and practice and constant reflection. In shifting a culture, we’re working on not only transforming and self-monitoring our learning community, but also ourselves as individuals. By creating habits of heart, mind, body and practice, we will work towards habituating a more compassionate, inclusive, accountable and equitable culture that honors the stories of our Black students, as well as the many others who have felt marginalized and silenced in the past.