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Miss Fine's Center

Miss Fine's School

The Miss Fine’s Center at Princeton Day School is dedicated to the committed faculty members who have advanced and who continue to advance the school’s mission to deliver excellence in teaching in an ever-changing world.

Established in 2014, the purpose of the Miss Fine’s Center is to promote the collaborative study of topics and themes that demand and benefit from an interdisciplinary approach. The Center, endowed through the generosity of Kenneth L. Wallach and Susan Schildkraut Wallach ’64, provides ongoing financial support for professional development, travel, and research for PDS faculty.

The goals of the Center are advanced through the efforts of faculty members, known as Miss Fine’s Center Fellows, who engage in interdisciplinary work and share their findings with their faculty colleagues, as well as in forums beyond the school community, including national independent school conferences and other discipline-specific professional gatherings.

Miss Fine's Center News

On April 6 and 7, Tara Quigley, MS Humanities teacher and Director of the Miss Fine's Center, and Lauren Ledley, US History teacher and Technology Coordinator, had the opportunity to present at the OESIS Conference in Los Angeles at the Chadwick School. Later this month, on April 20, Lower School science teacher Aaron Schomburg will be presenting at 5th annual STEMCON in Chicago.

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Princeton Day School Faculty Present at OESIS 2017 Conference

Princeton Day School is proud to announce that faculty members Tara Quigley, Amy Beckford, Lauren Ledley, and Maria Shepard presented at the 2017 OESIS (Online Education Strategies for Independent Schools) Conference in Boston this past weekend. Mrs. Quigley and Ms. Beckford presented a class entitled "Global Competency Matrix Across Middle School."

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Miss Fine’s Center Fellows

The 2017 Fellows are:

  • Middle School science teachers Ron Banas and Alli Treese will attend a Teacher Prep/Quest program at Princeton University entitled Climate and the Ocean. In collaboration with 7th grade science teacher Jack Madani, they will incorporate their new understanding and knowledge into the 7th grade Earth Science curriculum.
  • Middle School science and math teachers Jessica Clingman, Brian Laskowski, Maryann Ortiz, and Alli Treese will attend the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Georgia in the fall of 2017. The objective of their attendance at the workshop is to bring back strategies for increasing engagement, including tools for making connections and increasing motivations amongst students.
  • Lower School teachers Carolee VanDervort, Carol Olson, Pam Flory, Emily Gallagher, and Andrea Schafer will work on “Project Feather,” an interdisciplinary study of birds incorporating language arts, math, science, music, the garden, and technology. Their focus during this inaugural year will be the planning and execution of an on-campus “field trip.”
  • Middle School teachers Amy Beckford, Tarshia Griffin-Ley, Cindy Peifer, Joseph Reilly, Ron Banas, Jessica Clingman, Alli Treese, and Science Department Chair Jason Park will work on aligning non-fiction reading skills and literacy objectives across disciplines in grades 5 and 6.
  • Upper School science and math teachers Charlie Alt and Will Asch, who worked together to create the 9th grade STEAMinar, a foundational experience that will expose all students to the interdisciplinary approach as well as expose all students to the new PDS STEAM Center this year. The curriculum incorporates real-world, globally relevant issues that incorporate sustainability and are interdisciplinary.
  • Middle School humanities teachers Tara Quigley and Cindy Peifer, who attended the Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning at St. Andrew’s School’s Academy (pictured) and learned about the newest research and understanding about Mind, Brain, Education Science. They also had the opportunity to learn about the role of teachers as researchers, and to create their own action research project to be implemented at PDS this year.