Head of School

Paul J. Stellato

Paul and Maureen Stellato
Appointed Head of School in 2008, Paul Stellato is a graduate of Hamilton College (B.A., English and Classics) and Columbia University (M.F.A., School of the Arts). He was Headmaster of North Cross School in Virginia for seven years; teacher, coach, and dorm head at Blair Academy, Albany Academy, and Hotchkiss School; and Assistant Headmaster and Dean of Faculty at Millbrook School. A National Endowment for the Humanities Fellow at Bowdoin College and Klingenstein Fellow at Columbia University, Mr. Stellato served for six years as a member of the Board of Directors of the Virginia Association of Independent Schools. He and his wife, Maureen, are the parents of two daughters, Katherine and Lauren.

The world is too much with us; late and soon,
Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers...

William Wordsworth, 1802

To the School Community,

As one who has always tried to make sense of things through writing, I have put pen to paper a dozen times in the last five days. Each time my pen has failed me, as, together with our students, parents, and teachers, I try to sort through the contradictions with which we are all confronted. Perhaps I should have written to you sooner. Perhaps I should have resolved more quickly the questions with which I wrestle now. Perhaps there are no questions to be resolved. When and if you finish this letter, you may feel I should have quit while I was ahead. I can't blame you. Still, looking forward as I do to the balance of the year, I decided to spend a few minutes looking backward.

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Good morning to you all, as we stand on this lovely site, the sun straining to warm us as the thick dew creeps into our shoes. We are late coming to convocation, the ritual we have used in the last eight years to mark the start of the school year. You may well ask: why are we doing this now, given that the year is well under way; that we are closer to Thanksgiving than we are to Labor Day; and that the demands of this day, of this week, call us to other places and other responsibilities.

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There are so many who have given the fullest measure of devotion to our school during this last fifty year.Many of them are here today.Try as I might, I could not summon all their names; and remember as I might, I would surely miss one or two whose influence was essential and abiding.

Instead, let me mention just one: Dean Mathey, trustee, founder, philanthropist, and guide.

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