Welcome to Princeton Day School, where a robust, rigorous academic and co-curricular experience is crafted each day by the boys and girls, and men and women whose curiosity is great, whose appetites are large, and whose imaginations are unbounded. We are a small school, within which close relationships begin, grow, flourish, and are nurtured and renewed for a lifetime. And yet we are a large school, with offerings broad and deep enough to test the most talented. We are an optimistic school, with an abiding faith in ourselves and our mission. We are a school where it is good to be smart, to strive, to seek, to answer, and to question.

We are a school blessed with tradition, as we trace our roots to the 19th century: from the sturdy threads of our forebears, Miss Fine’s School and Princeton Country Day School, we have knit a rich tapestry of excellence in the education of students from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade. We are a school of tomorrow, preparing our students to lead in a world that will demand and require their skill and vision. Yet we are also a school of today, with eyes always fixed on the rich opportunities of the present moment.

So, welcome to Princeton Day School. For more reasons than we can now possibly imagine, I am certain we will be pleased we have found one another.


Paul J. Stellato
Head of School


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