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Embrace the Power of Why

We believe in the pursuit of curiosity.

We champion exploration, critical thinking and risk-taking within a community where you are known, supported and valued.

We help you discover the answer to‚Äč "What's your why?"

Lower school students raising their hands during Spanish class

Where Curiosity Grows

Curiosity is about possibilities. It’s about getting your hands dirty. When you’re paired with teachers whose curiosity matches yours, you create a community in which everything is possible. That’s how students learn that they have the power to change the world.

We’re a school that’s optimized for exploration.
Student athletes cheering on team mates during a match

All in, Always

It’s more than our student-centered curriculum, the way our teachers recognize you as an individual or the spaces we’ve engineered for maximal collaboration. It’s our deep-seated culture of mutual support and togetherness. Look around and you’ll see an environment in which you can try new things. We like to connect with each other.

We like to get everything we can out of a day.
Upper school students are examining a plant in Isaac's Greenhouse

Beyond Brilliant

It’s not about having the highest test scores or winning the championship, even though we can and do. It’s about continuing the quest, embracing setbacks and believing that each day brims with possibilities. We never stop learning about the world or each other. Here, it's about more than knowing yourself and building your own capacity; it’s about understanding the privilege it is to know, care for and believe in one another.

We celebrate people here.
Upper School chemistry class during lab

Academic Excellence & Exploration

We’re known for academic excellence and intellectual rigor, but the student experience here is so much richer and deeper than that. Inquisitivity and innovative curriculum drive our students and faculty to find new ways to learn and to teach every day.


Middle School students using a green screen during DaVinci

Distinctive Programs & Opportunities

Limitations are merely illusions here, and each day bursts with possibilities and opportunities. With an emphasis on fresh thinking and deep collaboration, we encourage our students to pursue what truly excites them.


Upper school students having a conversation during advisory

Engaged & Collaborative Community

Genuine compassion, a deliberate approach to student well-being and plenty of fun create a vibrant student life experience that cultivates character, confidence and kindness. Within the support and structure that our dynamic faculty provide, students embrace exploration of themselves and the world around them.


Upper school students performing in the play Ranked

Exceptional Visual & Performing Arts

Everything created must first be imagined. Here, you can imagine, explore, create, re-create and perform just about anything. Our curriculum fosters collaboration and is dedicated to inspiring and nurturing the creative process as well as the skill level of students as individual performers and creators.


Upper school Field Hockey team celebrating

Unparalleled Athletics & Facilities

We value healthy competition, believe in hard work and know that the benefits of teamwork are lifelong. With an accomplished coaching staff, outstanding facilities and wildly enthusiastic student cheering section, students cultivate positive physical and mental habits that contribute to the joy of learning and self-discovery.


Take the Great Road
Lower school student smiling while playing chess

Lower School

Grades PreK-4

Middle school students smiling in the library

Middle School

Grades 5-8

Upper school students doing work together in a common area

Upper School

Grades 9-12

Lower School

Grades Prek-4

Middle School

Grades 5-8

Upper School

Grades 9-12

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