PDS Theater Performs at Edinburgh Fringe Festival
PDS Theater Performs at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

This August, Princeton Day School is excited to return to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to perform Qui Nguyen's "She Kills Monsters," a contemporary play set in the pre-internet 90's and filled with physicality and dramatic combat scenes. The PDS production will be the first licensed production of "She Kills Monsters," professional or amateur, to be performed in the United Kingdom.

Director Stan Cahill shared the rehearsal process by noting, "To bring the production to life, our performers spent many rehearsal hours working with stage combat choreographers and movement specialists in an effort to bring over a dozen epic battles and sequences to the stage." The female characters revel in Geek Culture and battle a "giant gelatinous cube," a "beholder," and a five-headed dragon called The Tiamat, as well as many others, according to Mr. Cahill. "It is also a hilarious script, and the play's theatricality and physicality is only part of its allure," he added.

"She Kills Monsters" explores themes of acceptance, sexuality and female strength, all set against a 90's era soundtrack. The students have been working on the production for months, and it was performed at the Spring Performing Arts Festival here on campus in May.

"She Kills Monsters" will be performed in The Space @ Venue 45 on August 5, 6, 7, and 9 at the Fringe.

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