Earth Day? No, Earth Month at PDS
Earth Day? No, Earth Month at PDS

This month, the Princeton Day School Upper School student sustainability group, EnAct, is spearheading many activities to raise awareness about sustainability and celebrate our planet. Kicking off this week is the Eco-Challenge for Plastics, where EnAct is challenging all divisions to a competition and asking families to bring in their plastic packaging and bags (of the type we now recycle at PDS) for recycling, encouraging them to reduce their use of single use plastics.

Sustainability Coordinator and faculty advisor to the group Liz Cutler noted, "This program is in conjunction with the Princeton Business Association and the municipality of Princeton." To help raise awareness for the challenge, there are signs posted in each division with information about the creation and disposal of single use plastics. These signs surround a container for collecting these items that students bring from home.

Ms. Cutler said, "Depending on how many we receive, we will weigh and chart them either weekly or bi-weekly, and take them over to McCaffrey's Supermarket where they are being collected." Good news: the winning division will get a special cake at lunch in their honor! Good for the earth, and for the taste buds.

Also a reminder that on April 23, EnAct and the Energy and Climate Scholars are running a climate change conference at the Watershed, having invited all high school students in the area. There are already have 45 students registered from nine different schools. Don't miss this special event--click here to register.

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